is an advertising agency that helps website owners to get more traffic to their websites.

Like every business, in the beginning, GetPeople didn’t have much money to spend on advertising. As they offer two days free trial, spending money on Google Adwords is almost like gambling. Sometimes you earn money, and sometimes you lose.

So at the beginning of 2020, the GetPeople team searched for a new lead stream to grow and scale their business. And that’s when we got in touch.

GetPeople signed up for the Growth.

Our goal was to drain as much traffic as possible at the cheapest cost.
We decided to allocate a small part of our job to SEO as the team searched for a short-term ROI, so we focused more on lead generation.

Lead Generation & Outbound marketing

How can we get noticed by thousands of people without spending thousands on Advertisements? Well, there is a straightforward way.
We contact people individually. Just like you receive mail in your mailbox, you receive an email in your email box.
So we contacted hundreds of website owners that might need the services of
It’s long and not attractive, but the goal was to make money. And we never forget the first goal.

With this old school outbound marketing, we managed to bring 20 customers to GetPeople in just ten days, representing $1,600 of revenues.
GetPeople spent $990 for the growth plan, and ten days later, they nearly earned twice the plan’s cost.

So when GetPeople joined us, they weren’t earning anything.
They spend $990 on the growth plan.
Ten days later, they earned $1,600.

Which represents a +$700 after ten days.

After 15 days, GetPeople was at $2,200 . And this was only thanks to Outbound marketing.badwinners get more sales


After two weeks, results were great and GetPeople move up to the Scale Plan.
Instead of working 12 hours on outbound marketing, our team worked 20 hours per month, which made a huge difference.

After the first month, we managed to generate $5,000 of revenues.
We did the same work in the second month, but we boosted our SEO efforts to bet in the long run.

As GetPeople is a Saas business, it’s easily scalable. And after ten months at an average of 50 new customers per month GetPeople efficiently managed to reach $30,000 per month.

So yes, in 2021, you can still make $30,000 without spending a single dollar on ads. And this is what we do!

If you are interested in joining BadWinners, leave us a message!

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